“It couldn't have gone smoother, it was an incredible experience. The Edward Snowden program was the biggest event in FAS history (we had to turn away 500 people because we didn't have any standing room area left). And the discussion itself was also great, he's an incredibly eloquent, funny speaker. Thanks for everything. We look forward to working with you next year!”

-Johns Hopkins University Foreign Affairs Symposium


More Rave Reviews for Edward Snowden and Open Mic Management:

"On behalf of the all the audience today at IT-SA in Nuremberg, I wish to thank you for your inspiring speech. We feel very honored by your presence and words. The atmosphere in the hall was very impressive and will stay in our memory and hearts for a long time. A lady from our IT-SA advisory board came later to me and said it is so remarkable what you have done to the IT security industry and awareness of cybercrime, she had wished to stand up and give an extra applause to you. Just one voice which for sure others had also in their minds and hearts. Thanks again – it is was a remarkable presence. Even though you were only on the screen, we felt your spirit, your courage, your expertise and authenticity at IT-SA 2015. I wish you all the best for the future wherever life may take you – in Germany today you found many new friends."
-NurnbergMesse Co.

"The event went great! Sound and picture were impeccable, no delays. Everyone was engaged and they had great questions."
-YPO Austin

"He was fantastic. It was one of those magical sort of evenings when folks listened with rapt attention.  He was magnificent. His humility, intelligence and goodness is a combination that makes you realize that you’re in the presence of an extraordinary human being."
-University of Iowa

"We had an amazing event with Ed last night. He is one deep thinker and an excellent communicator! WOW! We were all super impressed. We trended globally on Twitter, the audience gave him a standing ovation, and the city is still buzzing!"
-Simon Fraser University

"Edward Snowden's analysis of issues concerning national security and surveillance were thoughtful and engaging and carried the authority of someone deeply immersed in the moral implications of his actions."
-Free Library of Philadelphia

"First of all, Edward Snowden was exceptional. He was thoughtful, compelling and I felt that he had done what he did for the right reasons. It was standing room only in Centennial Theatre and we streamed it in another hall which was also packed. Definitely a highlight of the Donald Lecture Series."
-Bishop’s University

"The event was AMAZING! There were no flaws in technology and we've heard great things about the event in general. We've heard so many favorable comments from audience members; people seem to really have enjoyed the evening, the information, and the eloquence of Mr. Snowden's comments. Again, thank you."
-Colorado University

"I have been following Edward Snowden's case throughout the years and I also attended the Edward Snowden event at SFU Harbour Centre. What Edward Snowden did changed the course of my academic career and helped propel me into Political Science Studies, as well as researching into government propaganda through a minor in History."
-Vice President, Student Life

"We truly enjoyed our talk with Ed Snowden. We found that Ed and his interviewer, Peter Van Valkenburgh, connected instantly, which made for a very interesting hour filled with great information (along with a few laughs)."

Freedom of Speech Starts with an Open Mic